Forestry Focused Future has been created to provide support and promote business development and sustainability in the trees and timber sector.
The project will concentrate on fostering knowledge transfer and innovation through skills and learning, leading to increased competitiveness and sustainability. The aim is to enable the trees and timber businesses of Wales to thrive and look forward to a more secure future

This project will focus on six key branches -

  • Training Needs Planning & Information Hub 
    Administration staff available to help business draw up their training plans.
    The hub will collate all knowledge transfer content that we deliver & make it freely available on the web. This library will include any other additional material identified as useful by the sector.

  • Skills Development
    Funding for Training courses identified in the training plan which is secured through a training agreement.

  • Knowledge Transfer
    Events to raise the knowledge around the skills of the sector to improve the quality of the workforce.

  • Mentoring
    Training delivered by an appointed mentor at work for businesses who have identified specific in-house needs.

  • Professional Pathways
    Providing a supported route for operators within the sector to identify & achieve higher level qualifications – level 3 / 4 diplomas etc.

  • Innovative Training
    Identifying gaps in the current training available and working with industry experts to create training courses & materials to fill these gaps.

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