Focus on Forestry First.

Established in 2010, Focus on Forestry First (FFF) was a Welsh Assembly Government* / EU funded project, funded through the RDP 2007 – 13.
This offered the Welsh Forestry, Trees and Timber sector the opportunity to develop their businesses, providing up to 75% funding towards skills training and 100% for knowledge transfer activities. This provided a vehicle for operators to update and develop their skills for work.
This project was written and managed by MWMAC Ltd.
Funding Applications Closed: Friday 29th May 2015
Project Activity Ceased: Tuesday 30th June 2015

We would like to thank those who have worked with Focus on Forestry First during the RDP 2007 – 13. Your needs will be essential in the planning and delivery of the new project.

*Welsh Assembly Government now known as Welsh Government since 2014.

Focus on Forestry First – The Future (16.2).

This development project maintained the FFF capacity and built on previous project achievements. To do this the project was a co-operation with Stakeholders in the Trees and Timber sector. With the support of Resources for Change (R4C) it surveyed, discussed and developed proposals. Resulting from these we wrote a new application for funding under measure 1 KTIS, RDP 2014 – 20.
During this project Focus on Forestry First registered as a company independent from the parents mwmac Ltd and we are encouraging the sector to ‘take ownership’ of this organisation to ensure its future sustainability for as long as it is needed by getting involved.

Forestry Focused Future. 

Registrations Now Open!

Measure 1 KTIS (Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Scheme) RDP 2014 – 20. Get Involved.