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Funding Available until June 2015 

The current funding round will be ending on 26th June 2015.

We have received positive support from our stakeholders that the industry would like the project to continue. We will keep you updated regularly


Funding Applications are no longer being accepted

Evidence of attendance and attainment, along with invoice MUST be received by Friday 26th June ’15 to guarantee payment.


Focus on Forestry First is a project funded by WAG / EU and offers the Welsh Forestry, Trees and Timber sector the opportunity to develop their businesses. Focus on Forestry First can provide up to 75% funding towards training and help employees to update and develop their skills for work. The project also intends to provide a unique skills database allowing both businesses and employees access to their training & assessment records on-line.



What is Focus on Forestry First

What is Focus on Forestry First?

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Free Workshops


Focus on Forestry First runs 100% funded workshops & seminars – for more information, please click the link.